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The Little Door Lands in Santa Monica


My husband and I eat out a lot around our neighborhood of Santa Monica and Brentwood. One of our favorite restaurants closed this summer but immediately following their closure another restaurant quickly snapped up the space and began renovations. Because I frequent the Brentwood Country Mart a few times a week (maybe a few too many). The restaurant is across the street so I have monitored its progress the past few weeks. I wondered what is this new restaurant? Finally, a little sign was placed on the door to my surprise it was the Little Door! The Little Door brings back fond memories for me as it was the first place my husband took me when we were dating. Plus, the original Little Door is our neighbor on Third Street. So needless to say I am happy to have the West Hollywood outpost come to the Westside. I went last night for my birthday and was not disappointed. It really is a little gem on the west side and I can’t wait to frequent on a regular basis. -MRA

246 26th St, Santa Monica, CA 90402

la-the-little-door-santa-monica-20140903-010 09_2014_LITTLE_DOOR_SM-40


Pictures courtesy of LA Times and Eater LA


Baby Shower Round Up


Often times for a second baby people tend not to do a baby shower but not me. I wanted to celebrate this new baby with friends and family. My mom decided to throw me the shower and enlisted Mindy Weiss to help  plan this festive day. They decided to theme the shower “boho baby boy shower”. This meant the shower would subtly be themed with this boho feeling. The shower was held at the Bel Air Hotel in a small room off of the restaurant. We wanted the shower to be fun and have activities for the guests to do, so we decided to have a create your own flower crown bar. Guests were given beautiful floral choices to create their one of a kind headpieces. By the end of the shower, everyone in the room had an amazing floral crown to take home. Then guests could decorate a onesie for my new little guy who we are affectionately calling “baby pancake”. Thank you to my son Jack for naming our new little guy. Then guests had a chance to decorate their arms, necks and hands with silver and gold tattoos which gave everyone a chic look and finally to top off the boho theme, guests had a chance to have a 10 minute reading with a psychic. This proved to be the biggest hit of the shower. Overall, it was a fabulous afternoon surrounded by new and old friends celebrating this new baby. The key to a fun baby shower is giving guests activities to do so they can mingle and get to know other guests while having fun. Happy Tuesday! – MRA


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Jimmy Kimmel Strikes Again: NYFW Lie Witness News

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An Espresso Cocktail from NYC’s newest Coffee Shop: The Elk


We were lucky to get owner, Claire Chan to whip up this recipe for us
as she is gearing up to open her first shop in NYC later this month.
THE ELK is a specialty coffee shop & general store that will be
located at 128 Charles Street in New York. The shop will feature a
full service cafe, brewing some of the best coffee NYC has to offer,
as well as offering a variety of market, home, and lifestyle items for sale.

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NYFW Blogger Style

Since, I am about to pop being 8 months pregnant sadly I will be missing NYFW this season. I am getting my fix of outfits and shows via and a few of the blogs that I read regularly. I pulled a few images from Damsel in Dior, Always Judging and Margo & Me. Thank god for the internet and bloggers so I can get my fashion fix! -MRA

Damsel in Dior

MG_6800 MG_6711

Always Judging

Tibi-show-21 NYFW-lnadress-21 Margo & Me

Margo-and-Me_untitled_1016 IMG_0830


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Playing Dress Up with BBM & Paula Mendoza

When I come to LA, I can’t stop myself from trying everything on all day. Working from a store will do that to you. I’m a huge fan of Paula Mendoza and am ecstatic that we are the only store in LA to carry her unique jewelry. I’m a more is more type of girl when it comes to jewelry so I had to put on everything. My manicure matches the jewelry perfect (it was intentional) so I had to have Chloe take a few pics of me wearing Paula and our rad BBM overalls that I never want to take off. -KH

seeno seeno1 seeno3 seeno4


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Flash Tattoos

This weekend, I had my baby shower with close friends and family. It was a fabulous day at the Bel Air hotel (more to come later this week on that front.) We had several activities to keep guests busy and having fun. Baby showers are bad enough so I wanted to give guests activities. I hired a flash tattoo artist who applied tattoos to my girlfriends and my moms friends and everyone in between. The tattoos were super chic coming only in a silver, gold and black color palette. A few people did necklaces and some layered on bracelets. It really is a fun way to express yourself without getting a real tat. Even Beyonce is a fan of these. Try them I dare you….-MRA


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