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“Factory Man” a short film about the NYC Garment District

I’ve been working in the NYC garment district for 5 years now (ever since I graduated college and moved here). I have developed some amazing relationships and love being able to continue to support. In this short clip you will see the factory owner of where I develop all of BeckleybyMelissa. Johnny is one of my favorite people, he loves working with designers on their vision. He is in every fitting and development meeting. I love his entire team and am so happy that this video was made to show the struggles he’s overcome to keep his doors open and make him one of the best (if not the best) in New York. Enjoy!! -KH


FACTORY MAN from Jihye on Vimeo.

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Trend Tuesday: Knot it!

Polished Top Knot

Messy Top Knot

The saying “long hair, don’t care” has infiltrated throughout the internet in various memes.  If we are being honest with ourselves the only time we don’t care about our appearance is when we are knee deep in potato chips and a Netflix binge. However, I have found a caveat to this rule recently. Ladies meet the half top knot.

This low maintenance style will show off the length and highlights of your locks while still putting your best face forward. You can keep it clean and sleek with a tight slicked back knot. Our personal favorite is slightly messy and tousseled with a bright lip. The beauty of this look is that it works best with slightly dirty hair, can you say monday morning hair? Take a no frills risk and get knotty. -CD


The Perfect Hat to take you into Fall!

I love wearing hats in the fall, but I have a hard time finding the perfect one. When I was in Berlin in January (and it was freezing, obviously) my friend and I kept exchanging hats to mix it up and she had this colorblocked J.Crew hat that I never wanted to take off. It has all of the right things and at $40 it looks way more expensive. It’s only day 3 of fall so I’m not ready to dive into fall dressing yet (neither is the weather) but this is a good transitional piece! -KH

Hats by beckleyblog featuring J.Crew



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House of Holland SS15, My pick from the week!

Last week was spent in New York doing buying appointments for the Spring 2015 season. We saw all of our usuals and added on a few new lines as well. My favorite had to be House of Holland. We do really well with his collection in the store so I was excited that it looked so amazing this season so that we can bring in even more. The overall theme was psychadelic 70′s flower power. The muses were best described by’s review- ” Specifically, it was inspired by groupies—you know, the kind of groupies that always get in.” Check out my favorite looks below and I can’t wait until we get the collection in the store!! -KH

HOL_0333 HOL_0173 HOL_0135 HOL_0093

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The Little Door Lands in Santa Monica


My husband and I eat out a lot around our neighborhood of Santa Monica and Brentwood. One of our favorite restaurants closed this summer but immediately following their closure another restaurant quickly snapped up the space and began renovations. Because I frequent the Brentwood Country Mart a few times a week (maybe a few too many). The restaurant is across the street so I have monitored its progress the past few weeks. I wondered what is this new restaurant? Finally, a little sign was placed on the door to my surprise it was the Little Door! The Little Door brings back fond memories for me as it was the first place my husband took me when we were dating. Plus, the original Little Door is our neighbor on Third Street. So needless to say I am happy to have the West Hollywood outpost come to the Westside. I went last night for my birthday and was not disappointed. It really is a little gem on the west side and I can’t wait to frequent on a regular basis. -MRA

246 26th St, Santa Monica, CA 90402

la-the-little-door-santa-monica-20140903-010 09_2014_LITTLE_DOOR_SM-40


Pictures courtesy of LA Times and Eater LA


Baby Shower Round Up


Often times for a second baby people tend not to do a baby shower but not me. I wanted to celebrate this new baby with friends and family. My mom decided to throw me the shower and enlisted Mindy Weiss to help  plan this festive day. They decided to theme the shower “boho baby boy shower”. This meant the shower would subtly be themed with this boho feeling. The shower was held at the Bel Air Hotel in a small room off of the restaurant. We wanted the shower to be fun and have activities for the guests to do, so we decided to have a create your own flower crown bar. Guests were given beautiful floral choices to create their one of a kind headpieces. By the end of the shower, everyone in the room had an amazing floral crown to take home. Then guests could decorate a onesie for my new little guy who we are affectionately calling “baby pancake”. Thank you to my son Jack for naming our new little guy. Then guests had a chance to decorate their arms, necks and hands with silver and gold tattoos which gave everyone a chic look and finally to top off the boho theme, guests had a chance to have a 10 minute reading with a psychic. This proved to be the biggest hit of the shower. Overall, it was a fabulous afternoon surrounded by new and old friends celebrating this new baby. The key to a fun baby shower is giving guests activities to do so they can mingle and get to know other guests while having fun. Happy Tuesday! – MRA


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Jimmy Kimmel Strikes Again: NYFW Lie Witness News

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